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Buying a suit and tailoring it so it fits like a glove can be slightly daunting, but once you find a tailor you trust, you’ll end up with a suit that you can wear to almost any occasion. Style by Dependable offers on-site tailors that will alter your suit to give it a perfect fit!

Here are some suit styling basics:


Look at your lapels: The lapel of your suit jacket is the folded flap of fabric immediately beneath the collar. The three main types of lapels are notch, peak and shawl lapel.


Tricky trousers: Suit trousers should sit on or above your hip. Your trouser should mirror the shape of your leg and not cling or pull anywhere. Never wear a belt with your suit trousers. Ever.


The length of your jacket is of utmost importance. Your jacket should nip in at the waist (just above your hips) to give you some shape, and length-wise, should cover your seat.


For a complete guide to buying a suit, visit esquire.com/uk/style/fashion/advice/a14376/how-to-buy-a-suit-men/.


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