“Be Authentic” – An interview with Kathryn Rose

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January 22, 2019
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“Be Authentic” – An interview with Kathryn Rose


For over 20 years, Kathryn Rose has focused on developing, supporting and connecting women for success in business. Kathryn wears many hats: she is a nationally known digital marketing and sales strategist as well as a trainer, author and public speaker. We recently sat down with Kathryn to discuss her latest project: wiseHer, which is a new startup that provides on-demand expert advice for women business owners and entrepreneurs; and we learned a little about how she’s become a local leader.


How do you maintain a healthy work/life balance?

“For me, there is no right answer. Sometimes, I just have to ask my family to understand that it’s Saturday and I need some work time to get things done. Somedays I feel like I’ve got it all together and then some days I put my keys in the fridge.”

Between her family and work, Kathryn’s days are filled with a variety of commitments. She strives to find balance by constantly evaluating and prioritizing. Building a solid family foundation that can ebb and flow with her busy schedule was paramount in her ability to shift with changing needs.


How do you unplug and shut off your brain?

“My most valuable and cherished moments are family time. My daughter and I enjoy lots of craft time, dance parties and walks. I brought her to breakfast the other day since her school had a delayed start, and while we sat and talked she taught me how to Rainbow Loom. My son plays hockey, so I spend a lot of time with him at the rink.”


Who influenced your leadership style?

Kathryn paused for a moment, then answered with conviction. “Jim, my dad. He was a successful financial planner who ran a large agency. He’s a wonderful, charismatic person. People are drawn to him because of his authenticity.”

Kathryn strives to exemplify “being authentic and truly caring about outcomes.” She built her whole career and reputation based on those beliefs, and as a result has curated a large personal and professional network. She leverages those network connections to improve the lives of clients, friends and colleagues. And with wiseHer she is leveraging those network connections to help women in business rise by connecting them with one-on-one experts  who will help with any business challenges.

What advice do you have for a young entrepreneur?

“Don’t let little setbacks ruin a good thing. You need to keep persevering! I decided to launch wiseHer at a later point in my career. For me, it was the right thing to do, at the right time, and I knew I was the person to do it.”

Are any specific groups, books or materials you think can be helpful to a young female leader?

“Yes, I am part of several local groups. One in particular, The Polkadot Powerhouse is a group of amazing women that i’ve found very valuable.”

According to the groups website, The Polkadot Powerhouse:

…connects the world’s most positive, action-forward, amazing business women.  We help them network and make connections, as well as encourage them to do business together. We connect them to encourage and push each other to the next level in all aspects of life. We build lifelong friendships and business relationships.

“In terms of books, all of Jill Konrath’s books are wonderful, but one of hers that I definitely recommend is Selling to Big Companies.  I also recommend Good to Great by Jim Collins and The Lean Start Up by Eric Rise.”


What charitable organizations are you involved with and why?

“I’m involved with two key organizations— one is a local educational foundation in Southborough, MA called Southborough Education Foundation. I also sit on the Executive Council for the Advancement of Women In Technology.”


Connect with Kathryn on LinkedIn (her favorite site that has been instrumental in advancing her career). Also, check out the wiseHer platform at wiseHer.com.


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