Winterizing Your Boots

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January 29, 2019
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February 6, 2019

You were just gifted an amazing pair of boots to keep you looking fabulous all winter long! Unfortunately, Massachusetts winters do not make any exceptions for new boots. They’re guaranteed to get worn down with this year’s snow, but here are a few ways you can keep them looking new-ish this season. 


  • Bring them into Dependable! Not only do we dry clean clothes, we also clean and repair all different type of shoes! Bring them into your local Dependable today.
  • Clean off the salt. Rock salt from city streets is the most common way for boots to get destroyed in the winter. Keep them clean by mixing equal parts water and white vinegar and gently rub the salt off. Rinse it all off and let the boots dry naturally, away from heat. (PS – Don’t use on suede or fur!)
  • Keep your boots properly dry. Leaving sopping wet boots next to a heater isn’t enough –– sometimes, the heat will even mess with the soft leather. Stuff your shoes with newspaper to draw out all the water. Your boots will not only dry out faster, but they’ll lose any potential for a damp smell!


Have more questions? Visit Dependable for more sole-saving tips!

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