Creating Girls of Courage, Confidence and Character— An Interview with Stacy Wilbur

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Creating Girls of Courage, Confidence and Character— An Interview with Stacy Wilbur


As the Director of Advancement Initiatives at Girl Scouts of Eastern MA, Stacy Wilbur is an expert on helping young women reach their utmost potential. The Girl Scouts strive to provide girls the opportunity to “discover their world, connect with and build an understanding for others and take action to make the world a better place”, and Wilbur lives by that motto every day.


What does the Girl Scouts organization mean to you?


As the Director of Advancement Initiatives for Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts, my heart lies with our mission to create girls of courage, confidence and character that make the world a better place. I have been involved with the organization for many years as an employee and volunteer, and in my opinion, there is no better organization that helps girls reach their potential and build tomorrow’s leaders.


Was there any one person who has been influential to you as a leader? If so, how have they shaped your leadership style?


I had a boss many years ago whose leadership style was very harsh and berating. I vowed to myself, I would never act like that in the workplace. Every time I question something, I say to myself how he of would acted and then I would do the complete opposite.


As a business and community leader, how do you “turn off” your brain and recharge?


I try to take a vacation once a year and turn off my cell phone. I believe my best ideas come to me when I am relaxed and taking time for myself is so important to keep the creative juices flowing.


What are some ways you maintain your work/life balance?


Spending time with family, friends, and my 4 year old Shih Tzu Henry. I love taking walks at the

beach, cooking and reading.


Dependable Cleaners is an organization that cares about how its customers look and feel. We

strive to understand and communicate the different ways that people find inspiration for

their clothing style. What or who has significantly influenced your clothing style?


My sister has definitely influenced my clothing style. She has always been into fashion and is

now a Store Manager at Tods in Copley. She has a great way of telling you what looks good on you

and what doesn’t. She is always on top of the trends and willing to help me incorporate my style

into the latest trends.


If you could impart one piece of advice onto a young entrepreneur, what would it be?

Don’t give up; ask questions and let your superiors know of your goals. If you want to be a VP

someday, let them know so you can work together to achieve that goal.


Please provide three tips you think every young female leader should know.
a. Don’t be afraid to ask
b. Work hard for what you want
c. Be creative and think outside of the box!


You can connect with Stacy on LinkedIn , and you can follow the Girl Scouts of Eastern MA on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram .


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