Tani Marinovich – We Are All Part Of The Solution

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March 28, 2019
Tani Marinovich

Tani Marinovich

Tani Marinovich: We Are All Part of the Solution


As an environmentalist, a career-influencer and the new CEO for Save The Harbor Save The Bay, Tani Marinovich has set her sights on continuing her predecessor’s legacy: restoring Boston Harbor and the Massachusetts Bay. A highly charismatic leader, Tani strives to embody an inclusive leadership style that is focused on “fixing the problem, not the blame.” Tani acknowledges that her inclusive management style isn’t perfect, but she works hard every day to learn and improve. She has been deeply involved in the improvement of the Greater Boston community and environment for more than 20 years, and she believes this management style is a big reason for her success. The restoration of Boston Harbor and Massachusetts Bay will be accomplished through expanded programming, governmental participation, and civic engagement. We spent some time with Tani learning more about her leadership style, her current projects and the ways we all can help improve global warming and reduce our impact on the environment.


Tell us a little about a key initiative at Save The Harbor Save The Bay.

“I believe that one of the most critical ways we can collectively achieve better environmental awareness is through youth engagement. At Save The Harbors Save The Bay, we operate a program called: “All Access Boston Harborwhich is a series of free day trips for area youth groups and community organizations to Georges, Spectacle and Peddocks Islands in the Boston Harbor Islands National Park. Participants learn about the marine environment and the maritime history of Boston and the Harbor Islands from Boston Harbor Historian David Coffin and Save the Harbor’s youth environmental education program staff. We engage over 30,000 young people each year. I am excited to be a part of this organization and a program that is so instrumental in educating and activating young environmentalist. Our goal is to provide environmental resiliency for our future.”


Was there any one person who has been influential to you as a leader?

“I wouldn’t say one person was more influential than another. Many people have influenced my leadership style. Further, I think it changes a lot over time, and that’s okay. I am continually learning and trying new things. I don’t think you’re born a great manager, you learn. Make mistakes.  I own my mistakes. You learn and move on. I believe in creating an inclusive management style, where we fix the problem, not the blame.”


If you could impart one piece of advice onto a young entrepreneur, what would it be?

“Mistakes are how we learn. In my last position, I finally learned that it is okay to make a mistake. It’s how we learn and grow. Prior to that, when I made a mistake, I was really hard on myself and was too focused on the mistake, instead of the lesson to be learned.”


What or who has significantly influenced your clothing/attire style?

“My mom loved accessories. That has certainly influenced my style– I enjoy adding a scarf or a bright pair of shoes to accent what I am wearing. My mom was also an environmentalist before her time. She always saved plastic bags, reused a bread bag and was conscientious about the environment. She was very conservative about the products she used and their impact on the environment. Together she has influenced both my style and my direction.”


What are three easy tips you think every young leader should know?

  • Listen
  • Constantly learn
  • Rely on your gut


How can we improve the environment during our everyday lives?

“Positive change occurs through cumulative, small steps. Every little thing can help the environment. Every hanger we save or recycle, every piece of trash we pick up and don’t allow into our oceans, every plastic bottle or bag we don’t use, all helps. If we work together we can improve the current situation. We stopped acid rain, we can stop global warming.”

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