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Thanksgiving Special
Celebrate with Your Colleagues at Work
Thanksgiving feast* 18.45 | minimum of 6
Traditional Roast Turkey*
rubbed with sea salt and rosemary
whipped potatoes
sauteed heirloom baby carrots
with fresh thyme
vegetable & herb stuffing
cranberry & meyer lemon chutney

homemade gravy


* Traditional Roast Turkey with homemade gravy available a la carte with a minimum of 6 for 18.45

GO Fresh!
Thanksgiving dinner feast
24.95 | minimum of 8
Individually packaged Thanksgiving Dinner as above that can be microwaved in 3 minutes. Great for individuals to take home, Thanksgiving previews, and those working on the holiday.
* Sides in Thanksgiving Feast available separate from package in increments of 6 for 26.95
pumpkin cider bread
4.05 | 2 slices per person
Housemade pumpkin bread made with apple cider and a hint of orange zest
autumn cupcake trio
22.95 | available in increments of 6
Chocolate majesty
cinnamon apple
tartlet trio
6.25 | 3 pieces per person
Chocolate Almond
Bourbon Spiced Fruit
Cranberry Compote
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