Employee Spotlight: Sah the Seamstress

Meet Sah Walker, Milton’s newest seamstress!

Sah and her current project–– a vintage dress passed down from mother to daughter!

Sah is a native of Thailand who has been sewing since she was a young girl. Her mom taught her the art of sewing. “She made clothes and curtains, all by hand,” Sah says fondly.

Sah is more than a seamstress, however. She has been designing and making clothing for decades, even the patterns. In fact. She returns to Thailand every year to her own design studio.

“I remember when I opened the studio,” she recalls. “My dad said, ‘No one will come.’”

But they did, and those customers have kept her in business for the past 27 years. When she first began, the village had no electricity or sewing machines, she said, “it was very old style.”

But she made clothes for many people in her village, and to this day she makes clothes for all her friends and family. Sah and her family moved to the U.S. in 2009, where her husband bought her her current sewing machine.

Her philosophy about style is that anyone can look good, no matter what their body type. “Nobody is perfect!” she believes. “Everyone can look nice. Just be yourself!”

In designing clothes for others, she feels “Anything you can imagine, I can do!”

She loves a challenge, such as remaking a vintage wedding dress, a project that will take her several months to complete. The dress was worn 35 years ago by the future bride’s mother. The original gown featured a high-neck bodice, long bell sleeves with embroidered cuffs and a long train.

Stop by and say hi to Sah today!