Style by Dependable

About Style by Dependable

Ask for Style when you want the best care for your garments. Style garments are cleaned and finished using specialized methods, ensuring unparalleled service for your designer, couture, and high-end garments.

How is Style Different?

Dependable Cleaners’ luxury garment care service, Style by Dependable, takes our award-winning service to the next level. Our expert artisans clean and restore garments one at a time and are meticulously hand finished, ensuring every piece receives individual attention and the care it deserves.

Our team has vast experience in handling rare fabrics and use both unconventional cleaning methods and specialized equipment to address your item’s exact fabric, trim, and finish requirements. These special techniques provide results that are not possible with traditional cleaning methods.

Style Conscious

We appreciate great fashion—each garment is treated as a unique work of art and given the same attention to detail that went into making them. By preserving classic clothing and maintaining the natural beauty of couture fabrics, we’ll ensure your designer pieces retain their distinctive fit and finish.


There are two easy ways to utilize Style by Dependable services:

  • Visit one of our Style locations with the garments you would like handled by our artisans.
  • Sign up for Home Delivery to conveniently schedule a pickup, track items, and make payments.



Fine Dry Cleaning

Once your garment is in our care, it is closely inspected to ensure appropriate cleaning techniques are used to extend the life of your garments. Items are individually cleaned, and then hand finished with specialized steamers and irons to prevent seam or shine impressions. Once the cleaning process is complete, items are packaged with acid-free tissue to maintain their finish until your next wear.

Deluxe Shirt Laundering

Every day garments last longer and look better with a higher level of custom care. Shirts are laundered with a unique process to carefully remove tough stains and then pressed almost entirely by hand, with special attention to the collar and cuffs. Our specialists ensure all buttons are intact and collar stays are replaced to ensure a crisp finish. Once shirts are cleaned, they are finished with or without starch and hung or folded according to your personal preference. Your items are then placed in premium packaging that preserves the finish until your next wear.

Pickup and Delivery

Style by Dependable provides complimentary pickup and delivery service. Our Pickup and Delivery vans will come to your home twice a week to pick up and drop off your dry cleaning as needed. To view a map of our delivery area, click here.


Both high-end designers and aficionados of fashion understand the level of expertise needed to maintain and protect intricate couture styles. Our team has extensive experience with intricate beading and rare fabrics. First, we closely examine the workmanship of your couture garment to determine the best way to clean or restore it. We then employ an array of proven techniques that both clean delicate fabrics and extend the life of your investment.

Leather and Fur

Leather garments that endure the harsh New England weather need special care to keep them looking like new. Style provides superior cleaning and repair services for leathers, shoes, furs and designer handbags. Each piece of leather is unique and requires its own special cleaning solution. To prevent the loss of natural oils and colors during the cleaning process, we provide color correction and oil replacement to keep your garments looking like new.


Get the perfect fit for any garment with our custom fittings. We can assist you with an array of services from shortening hems to completely re-tailoring a favorite suit or evening dress. Style customers have the option to have their custom fittings completed at our store or on-site in the comfort of their home or office.


Your personal style and attention to detail is not confined to your closet—it’s reflected throughout your home in draperies, antique rugs, bedding, table linens, and more. Maintain your upholstery and household goods with the same expert care we use for your garments.

With ordinary cleaning, intricate embroideries and delicate fabrics are easily damaged and can lose their luster and drape if not cared for properly. Our specialists use a combination of advanced equipment, cleaning solutions, and effective techniques to protect both family heirlooms and fine fabrics such as silk, cashmere, and Egyptian cotton.


You can trust our onsite bridal team during one of the most important days of your life. A dedicated team of Style experts will arrive at your wedding venue, ready to provide professional hand pressing, stain removal, and last-minute tailoring to ensure that your bridal party looks flawless.


Our restoration skills can revitalize vintage clothing and also restore newer garments that have been severely damaged by restoring color, reversing shrinkage, and re-weaving holes we can bring garments you thought were irreversibly ruined back to life and back into your wardrobe.

Vintage Garments

Our artisans are committed to helping you revitalize and protect your vintage garments with our state-of-the-art restoration process. Each garment is closely inspected and placed through a series of black light tests to detect obscure blemishes and invisible stains. Special techniques are used to revive colors, eliminate yellowing, and remove oxidized stains. If it’s necessary to replace buttons or beading, we’ll use replacement notions from the same time period whenever possible.


In fine garments it’s often the small details that matter most. Our specialists can reweave and repair holes so that you’ll never lose a favorite piece of your wardrobe to holes or rips again.

Deconstructive and Reconstructive Services

Our deconstructive and reconstructive service is the epitome of excellence in fine garment care. Trained specialists carefully take your garment apart, stitch by stitch, and clean each individual piece before restoring the item to pristine condition.